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KIQF 2024: All About Leo Messi Quiz

07 Jan, 12:55hrs

At: Kolkata
On: Personalities, Soccer
QM: Samrat Sengupta

> 20 Questions (4, 8, 12, 16, 20 starred Qs)
> Each Question will have 4 multiple choice answer options
> Participants have to select the answers.
> Each question shall be live for 30 seconds only.
> Once you answer a question, it gets locked and you have to wait for the next question to appear.
> Once inside, DO NOT go out of that tab.
> The ones who answers fast and correctly shall have more chance to win this quiz.

Please join 2 minutes earlier. If the quiz starts at 2200 hrs and you join at 2203 hrs, you will miss the first 6 questions.

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