Hoysala Temples of Karnataka enter UNESCO Heritage list

UNESCO inscribed Karnataka’s Sacred Ensembles of Hoysalas in Belur, Halebid and Somnathapura in the World Heritage list. The ancient site was part of UNESCO’s Tentative list since 2014.

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> These temples were developed under the rule of the Hoysala Empire between the 11th and 14th centuries, mostly concentrated in southern Karnataka.

> Hoysala temples are sometimes called hybrid or vesara as their unique style seems neither completely Dravida nor Nagara, but somewhere in between – a completely novel ‘Hoysala Temple’ form.

> The Hoysala temples, instead of consisting of a simple inner chamber with its pillared hall, contain multiple shrines grouped around a central pillared hall and laid out in the shape of an intricately-designed star (stellate-plan).

> Since they are made out of soapstone which is a relatively soft stone, the artists were able to carve their sculptures intricately. This can be seen particularly in the jewellery of the gods that adorn their temple walls.

1000-year-old mummy belonging to the Yschsma culture found in Peru

Archaeologists have discovered a mummy in Peru’s capital, Lima – thought to date back to 1,000 A.D, belonging to the Yschsma culture, inhabitants of whom lived south of Lima.

The mummy, believed to be of an adult individual, was discovered at the Huaca Pucllana archaeological site (seen in picture above). It was found alongside two ceramic vessels and textiles. It was found seated with bent legs, with its jaw and long hair still preserved.

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The Huaca Pucllana site is viewed as a Pandora’s Box and archaeologists anticipate that many more artifacts could be found. The mummy was discovered here on 6 September 2023.

In June 2023 archaeologists had found another pre-Hispanic mummy surrounded by coca leaves on top of a hill in Peru’s capital next to the practice field of a professional soccer club.

In March 2023, a Peruvian man was arrested and charged after a mummy believed to be 600 to 800 years old was found his cooler delivery bag.

The Ychsma society was one of the most important civilizations developed between 900 and 1532 CE in Lima, the present Peruvian capital, situated on the central coast of Peru. The Ychsma territory included the lower basin of the Rímac and Lurín valleys in the current city of Lima (Peru).

World’s tallest Nataraj all set to welcome G20 delegates

To greet the G20 leaders a magnificent 27-foot Nataraja, the tallest statue of Lord Shiva’s dancing form in the world has been installed in the front of the Bharat Mandapan in New Delhi’s Pragati Maidan.

Made of Ashtadhatu, the 18-ton-weight statue is an important symbol of cosmic energy, creativity and power.

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The G20 statue was transported over two days via a specially created green corridor of some 2,500km from Tamil Nadu to Delhi.

The statue has been sculpted by renowned sculptor Radhakrishnan Sthapaty of Swami Malai in Tamil Nadu and his team in a record 7 months.

34 generations of Radhakrishnan have been making idols since the Chola Empire period.

Situated on the banks of the river Kaveri, the small town of Swami Malai is famed for its bronze icons which sthapathys (sculptors) have been carving using the traditional lost-wax technique since the time of the Chola empire.

Swami Malai bronze icons now have the coveted GI tag too.