Taylor Swift is Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2023

Be it her record-shattering “The Eras” global tour or her becoming the world’s most-streamed musical artist, 2023 has truly been Taylor Swift’s year. And now to top it all, the mega pop-star has been named “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine.

2023 has been the year of “The Taylor Effect”. Wherever she has had a new concert, a mini economic boom took place locally as hotels and restaurants saw a surge of visitors. Time has noted how “politicians from Thailand, Hungary, and Chile implored her to play their countries. Cities, stadiums, and streets were renamed for her.” There are college classes dedicated to her, including one at Harvard.

The 33-year-old has recently turned a billionaire, joining the ranks of Rihanna, Beyonce and Jay-Z and the only entrant in the list to have accumulated her wealth from music alone. By a margin, she has been the most influential personality on this planet for this year and fittingly chosen by Time for its annual accolade.

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The Time Person of the Year is an annual issue of Time magazine that features a person, group, idea, or object that “for better or for worse, has done the most to influence the events of the year.” The tradition began in 1927 when the magazine’s editors decided to highlight a prominent figure on the cover of its year-end issue. Although initially called “Man or Woman of the Year”, in 1999, the title was changed to the gender-neutral “Person of the Year”.

Here is a brief overview of the history of the Time Person of the Year:

First Selection (1927): The first Time Person of the Year was Charles Lindbergh, an American aviator who made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

Notable Early Selections: In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi was chosen as the first non-American to be its Man of the Year. Franklin D. Roosevelt  was chosen thrice (1932, 1934, and 1941), and Winston Churchill twice (1940 and 1949).

Groups and Ideas: Time has also chosen groups of people and even ideas as the Person of the Year. For example, in 1950, “The American Fighting-Man” was chosen, representing the U.S. forces involved in the Korean War. In 1960, it was “U.S. Scientists,” in 1966, it was “The Inheritor” and in 1975, it was “American Women”.

Controversial Selections: The Person of the Year has sometimes been a controversial figure. In 1938, Adolf Hitler was chosen, and in 1979, it was Ayatollah Khomeini. Even the choice of having Donald Trump as its Person of the Year in 2016 courted controversies. Time’s selection is not necessarily an endorsement but an acknowledgment of impact.

Recent Selections: In recent years, Time’s selections include Volodymyr Zelenskyy and “The Spirit of Ukraine” (2022), Elon Musk (2021), Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (2020), and Greta Thunberg (2019).

Sir Michael Gambon, Dumbledore actor in ‘Harry Potter,’ dies age 82

Veteran actor Michael Gambon, best known for playing Albus Dumbledore in most of the “Harry Potter” movies, has died at 82 following a “bout of pneumonia,” according to a statement issued on behalf of his family.

He was known for his extensive catalogue of work across TV, film and radio, with one of his biggest roles as the psoriasis-ridden sleuth Philip Marlow in the 1980s hit BBC series “The Singing Detective.” He won the BAFTA for best actor for the role.

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> Gambon was cast as Dumbledore for six of the eight “Harry Potter” films following the death of Richard Harris in 2002.

> He was born in Cabra, Dublin, but moved to London as a child.

> He grew up in an Irish immigrant community in Camden and his first job was as an apprentice toolmaker.

> He was knighted for services to drama in 1998.

> He developed a passion for antique guns, clocks and classic cars that lasted a lifetime.

Delhi High Court passes order to protect actor Anil Kapoor’s “personality rights”

On September 20, 2023, the Delhi High Court passed an omnibus order in Anil Kapoor’s defence, protecting his privacy and restraining the misuse of his name, image, voice, and other attributes of persona. The interim order also included a clause against the usage of the ‘jhakaas‘ catchphrase for commercial gain on the Internet, without his consent.

The order is aimed at preventing unauthorised use of the sexagenarian actor’s personality rights through tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes for illegal commercial gains.

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>According to the actor himself, Anil Kapoor first used his iconic ‘Jhakaas’ in the 1985 film Yudh.

>In December 2022, Amitabh Bachchan sought and won interim protection of his personality and celebrity rights. The Delhi High Court had barred entities from using Big B’s persona, without his consent.

Hogwarts Express is back in service

After a safety inspection raised alarm about passengers being put at risk, the Jacobite has received the necessary green light to resume operations yet again, following a temporary halt. Running every summer since 1984 and currently operated by the West Coast Railways, it covers part of the West Highland line, effortlessly combining legendary Scottish folklore, luxury travel and picturesque scenery.

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The Jacobite Train is often referred to as the Hogwarts Express after it featured in the Harry Potter film series. Potterheads from around the world have been travelling to the Scottish Highlands to ride the Jacobite over the Glenfinnan viaduct.

Madhurr Mittal to play Muttiah Muralitharan in an upcoming biopic

Acclaimed actor Vijay Sethupathi was to play the role of Muttiah Muralitharan on screen, however, he opted out of the biopic after being asked by the cricketer himself, following outrage in Tamil Nadu. Now, Madhurr Mittal will play him in the biopic aptly named ‘800’, after the legend’s total test wickets.

Singer and activist Harry Belafonte passes away at the age of 96.

The American singer, actor and activist, who popularized calypso music with international audiences in the 1950s, died from congestive heart failure at his home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City on April 25, 2023 at the age of 96. He earned his career breakthrough with the album Calypso (1956), which was the first million-selling LP by a single artist.

Diljit Dosanjh becomes first Punjabi artiste to perform at Coachella

In 2023, Diljit Dosanjh became the first Punjabi artiste to perform at Coachella, alongside headliners Blackpink, Bjork and Ali Sethi. He got the crowd on their feet as he performed to his hits Clash and Lemonade among others.

In one of the videos gone viral, the singer says, “It is really hot in Coachella. Is it the heat or it’s because of the Punjabis here?”, inviting a thunderous applause from the audience. He added his patent, “Punjabi aa gaye Coachella oye!”

Fans were also in awe of his humbleness when he spoke to the security present at the venue and apologised on behalf of his fans, who were elated with his music. He said to the security present there, “Security paaji sorry. They are very excited basically, they are good people. First time Dosanjhwala on stage at Coachella that’s why they are excited. So please, I am sorry on behalf of them. Thank you”.

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Coachella is an annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert.