Bha: The proposed new shoe sizing system for Indians

The ‘Bha’ shoe sizing system is a groundbreaking initiative developed specifically for the unique foot structure of Indians. If approved, this system will replace the UK/US standard and mark a significant step towards self-reliance in consumer goods as well as bolster the domestic footwear industry, which is one of the largest globally.

The primary benefit of the ‘Bha’ system is its potential to significantly reduce the rate of shoe returns due to poor fits. Historically, online shoe purchases have seen return rates as high as 50% due to sizing issues.

KnowALLedge Plus:

>’Bha’ is currently under review by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) following recommendations from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLRI).

>’Bha’ proposes eight distinct sizes, ranging from infants to adults, eliminating the need for half-sizes. The eight sizes cater to different age groups and genders, ensuring a more accurate fit.

The proposed sizes are as follows:

I: Infants (0 to 1 year)

II: Babies (1 to 3 years)

III: Small children (4 to 6 years)

IV: Children (7 to 11 years)

V: Girls (12 to 13 years)

VI: Boys (12 to 14 years)

VII: Women (14 years and above)

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