Einstein’s 108-year-old prediction on antimatter finally observed by scientists

Europe’s physics lab CERN announced that for the first time, scientists have observed antimatter particles falling downwards due to the effect of gravity.

The experiment was hailed as “huge milestone”, though most physicists anticipated the result, and it had been predicted by Einstein’s 1915 theory of relativity.

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> Around 13.8 billion years ago, the Big Bang is believed to have produced an equal amount of matter (what everything you can see is made out of) and antimatter (the equal yet opposite counterpart of matter).

> However, there is virtually no antimatter in the universe, which prompted one of the greatest mysteries of physics: what happened to all the antimatter?

> Physicists believe that matter and antimatter did meet and almost entirely destroyed each other after the Big Bang. Yet matter now makes up nearly five percent of the universe — the rest is even less understood dark matter and dark energy — while antimatter vanished.

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