Jharkhand launches mobile app to track jumbo movements

With a rise in human-elephant conflict in the state, Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren launched an app based elephant movement tracking system on the occasion of the 74th Van Mahotsav.
The app will help villagers and department to track elephant movements and take precautionary measures in advance.

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Jharkhand ranks among the highest in terms of human casualties during man-elephant conflicts. THREE REASONS why the jumbos are entering human space:

> Forest cover might have increased in the state but animal habitats have degraded in the past one decade.

> Elephants are facing food scarcity owing to thinning of bamboo and grass canopy. Elephant calves are gradually turning into grain eaters which is a cause of big concern.

> They are fast losing their traditional movement routes due to construction of roadways and mining activities

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