PM Modi gives unique lotus-shaped gifts to G20 delegates

All state heads and foreign dignitaries at the G-20 summit in New Delhi received this unique memento from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

> It is a hand-made artefact of brass in the shape of a lotus, named ‘Kamalam’.

> The artefact is five inches tall with 16 petals— eight big and eight small.

> The memento has been crafted by Manmohan Saini, a metal craftsman and a national award winner from Mahoba in Bundelkhand, UP.

> It took him 3 months to craft 50 such brass lotuses.

“Once it is opened the artefact resembles a lotus in full bloom, and when it is closed all the petals are closed inside and a lotus bud is visible,” said Saini.

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Uttar Pradesh is the largest brass and copper making region in the world with thousands of establishments spread all over for articles made out of one or more pieces of metal.

Mahoba is known nationwide for its exquisite gaura stone craft. Gaura stone craft is made of radiant white-colored stone that is predominantly found in this region.

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