New fish species has been found in the Bay of Bengal, off the coast of West Bengal

It comes in vibrant orange, has a distinct pectoral-fin with black membranes on the inner surface, white posterior margin and three small white spots basally in fin.

This new deep water marine fish was discovered by the scientists of the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI), making it the fourth species of pterygotrigla discovered in India so far out of the total 178 of the triglidae family across the world.

After thorough examinations, the specimens of this fish were found to be very distinct from other gurnad species in various aspects such as snout length, shape of the internuchal space and size of the cleithral spine.

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> Was found 90km from the coast of the West Bengal beach town of Digha.

> The new species commonly known as gurnards or sea-robins, belongs to the family Triglidae. Named Pterygotrigla intermedica, it has characters quite similar to species like Pterygotrigla hemisticta.

> The species was caught by a local fisher on October 20, 2018, along with other fishes. The researchers collected a total of 24 specimens – 23 of which are preserved at the ZSI’s Estuarine Biology Regional Center, Gopalpur and one specimen in the Marine Fish Section, Kolkata for further study.

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